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Dr. Lewis E. Connor, DC

My office is currently the only chiropractic office on the Peninsula that treats patients on a walk-in basis (no appointments are necessary), which patients love because of the convenience.


Thank you for selecting my website while searching for pain relief and a health care solution. You are probably curious about myself and the experience I bring to my clinic before deciding to make an appointment for yourself or a loved one.

I am a 1982 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College – West and I’ve been practicing here in Menlo Park ever since. I treat a wide range of patients from young children to “Golden Age” adults, plus athletes and performers. For six years I was the treating Chiropractor for Cirque du Soleil. A few of the many other performers, and athletes I have treated during their local appearances are: Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, Dwight Yokum, and Rick Zumwalt (World Champion Arm Wrestler).

“Live your life without Pain.” Visit my office for a complementary 15 minute consultation and you may find you have made the right choice for your pain relief.

My office is currently the only chiropractic office on the peninsula that treats patients on a walk-in basis (no appointments are necessary), which patients love because of the convenience.

My office hours are:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 7:30AM to 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Saturday (when available) – 7:30AM to 9:30 AM By Appointment

Thank you for considering my practice for your health care. I look forward to providing you with immediate pain relief, and an active pain free future.


Dr. Lewis E. Connor, D.C.

Dr. Connor is Now Healing with Light Therapy

Hailed by doctors, researchers, athletes, and beauty specialists around the world, Low Level Light Therapy is a stunning scientific breakthrough that harnesses the natural therapeutic power of light by using the latest advances in LED technology… read more

Call (650) 281-8815 or email to schedule an appointment.



Every Patient Has Four Basic Questions About Chiropractic

1. What’s Causing All This Pain?
2. Can Chiropractic Help Remove The Pain?
3. How Long Will It Take?
4. How Much Will It Cost?

read the answers



Does My Health Insurance Cover Chiropractic?

You must ask your insurance agent that question. There are too many different health insurance policies for me to know for sure.

Most health insurance policies do cover the cost of chiropractic treatment; some don’t. The easiest way to find out is to call your health insurance agent. If insurance coverage exists, you will be directly reimbursed by your insurance carrier. read more



Some Medicare Information For You To Know

Medicare says that you must pay for the first $147.00 (For 2015) at the beginning of each calendar year which is your deductible. Medicare will not pay for any exams, which are $125 each at this office, or any X-rays.

With your Medicare discount, you will only pay $60.00 per visit. Medicare will reimburse you approximately $32.00 and your secondary insurance will cover approximately $10.00… read more


“I could not turn my head to the left without a great deal of pain. Dr. Connor corrected the problem and I have never had that problem ever again. After an adjustment I feel rejuvenated and experience relief from the aches and pains that ail me.”

Jean D.

Menlo Park, CA.

“Dr. Connor has used his expertise to help heal a severe back injury and then give advice on exercises, walking and use of a specialized hip belt and hip wedges to maintain health. Very Successful.”

Lynn H.

Menlo Park, CA.

“I feel that Dr. Connor is extremely knowledgeable – more than most, Dr. Connor makes special arrangements to meet my busy schedule needs. Less headaches, less backaches”

George P.

Atherton, CA